I went to Bad Weather Brewing in St. Paul during a Wild game and was intrigued by Full Belly Happy Heart's colorful truck in the lot. After a flight at BWB, I went over to the truck to see what their hand-written menu was offering. I noticed how kind the staff was right away and how quickly they were getting food served. Love that!

I settled on a Chicken Jerk Tostada with added spice. YUM. Each tostada comes in a little paper serving tray with a side of Mexican rice, which is great. I asked for a bunch of forks and split this tostada with two other people. One of us couldn't handle the spice but the other two of us LOVED it. I wish I could have had a whole bottle of the spicy sauce to take back with me to the table - once you've eaten the top layer it's not as spicy, unless you've mixed it up. I'd ask for a little extra sauce if you like it hot hot hot. I totally forgot to take a picture of the dish once I got it (rookie mistake) but it was beautifully colorful and looked amazing.

I will definitely order from the truck if I see them again!
- Kaitlin

Peruvian Tostada was probably the best meal I've had in a long, long time!

- Julie

Delicious tostadas.  I had Peruvian and my husband had Chipotle. Both were delicious and filling!

- Lynne

Honest to God the best food I've ever had, just WOW!  I'd love to post a pic but I inhaled it!

- Stephanie

So friendly, the food was amazing!

- Tessah